verbod - muziek hoofdtelefoonWho works in a warehouse, back to the problem: you can't reach or forklift operator (m/f) (from now on: the network engineer conveniently) just buzz through your warehouse while the world around him disappears and he destroyed his ears only hear the music that is via an iPod, smartphone or other MP3 player. If prevention consultant or security-conscious storekeeper skyrocketing hair you t and you tend to go half warehouse hung with icons of prohibition ...

Icons are very useful to convey information, or people to recall agreements. The problem Is that there is no support for a given measure, you'll have so many icons hang e will-they will only work if they are combined with a repressive policy. And even then your employees will go in search of loopholes ...

Without compromising the usefulness of a well-designed security icon, I think it still makes sense to take exercise and to do the risk analysis: what are the risks? Why is there this persistent behavior? What measures are possible?

The first step in any prevention policy, is to draw up risk analysis. We're going to investigate why a particular situation dangerous (there than any other siutaite). The risks of listening to music while you drive in a warehouse are:

  • reduced communication: through the music in your ears, you hear possible warning signals or internal communication no longer.
  • possible hearing damage in the exercise of your mission: If the music playing leads to hearing loss and music listening during the execution of the work is allowed, this can be interpreted as work-related. Apart from potential liability, it is anyway you task/responsibility to colleagues the risks of noise.

The network engineer is not stupid-there I go by from (fin ... There are stupid clarckisten, but I also know our prevention consultants/let not this stupid as the norm). He knows the above arguments too. Apparently he estimates the risks differently. What possible reasons could be the network engineer may have to take this risk anyway. What added value has the use of that music to your ears?

  • The main reason is there is probably a psycho-social nature: the work is boring. The music keeps me focused and takes care of what animation during monotonous work.
  • Maybe the music is also used to block distracting ambient noise-then the MP3 player actually used as hearing protection.
  • Possible sticking someone around to music in his ears to exclude, and in this way is to use a symptoms of an antisocial working climate in which harassment or verbal aggression for some intimidating.

These arguments either way its probably incomplete-who knows even more arguments in both directions, should feel free to deliver this. I add them to the article ...

In case of a disturbing noise, is the solution naturally simple: grab the source of the noise, or if this is not possible, provide comfortable hearing protection with speech filter.

Give the clarckisten to really need to have music, consider whether there are other optiies as possible. Reach and forklift trucks usually have the big advantage that it is relatively silent vehicles. Two options are for example:

  • place small ear speakers spread across the warehouse-everyone is listening to the same channel on the radio.
  • place a small speaker (e.g. 2W) in fork-lift trucks, one plug that they can plug in their own MP3 player, smartphone, etc. .. Everyone has their music of choice, but can hear the environment perfectly.

A public awareness campaign about the risks of using MP3 players definitely has a place within the full context of training defensive driving. In addition, the use of MP3 players, of course, a point where others (orderpickers for example) can also struggle.

Then icons have no use in this situation? Absolutely! If there is a clear agreement exists, it may be communicated:

  • New employees must sometimes much remember. A reminder can be helpful.
  • In the warehouse may also externals (for example, truck drivers). It seems logical to me that they are also bound to the rules. For them, this icon informative.

Placing security icons State with reason layer in the prevention hierarchy. Security icons have their usefulness as support other measures (remove the risk, collective protection, personal protection, ...), or if other measures are not possible. Still as prevention Advisor directly to not fall into the trap of icons and instructions to seize, without first a comprehensive risk analysis of the situation.

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