Safety signs are often used to improve occupational safety as well as safety in daily life. Yet, according to the prevention hierarchy it should be the last resort. Nevertheless, icons are important. Even after a thorough risk assessment, residual risks will always remain.

Signs (and icons in general) draw the users attention to possible risks and may provide guidelines to improve safe behavior. Using a set of instructions (mandatory - prohibitions - warnings - clear symbols) you as an employer can drastically increase the safety.

Some signs are mandatory (f.e. GHS symbols on hazardous products in accordance to the REACH legislation). Others are implemented in European or national regulations (Law on Social Welfare, Arbo-legislation, HSE-regulations, public smoking prohibition) or are recommended by professional associations (f.e. the "Safe use" icons on household products). Anyhow, safety signs are here to stay.

Quite a few online companies offer the option to order safety signs on high quality materials (see weblinks).
Yet, there is an increasing need for the icons in digital format, to be used not only in evacuation plans, safety instruction cards and safety labels on hazardous substances, but also for example in educational use (manuals, instruction sheets, projection, assignments on safety).

The icons on this site are available in two vector formats:
SVG: (Scalable Vector Graphics), an open standard for vector drawings
EMF: (Enhanced metafile) for easy import into MS Office applications

The icons were designed using the open source application Inkscape. This is also an excellent application for the design of evacuation plans.


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